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    Dave and Skradie dive in to a sports topic daily that didn't quite make the cut on "Mornings with Dave and Skradie". 


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    1. Where will Eli Manning go now that he has been benched in New York
    2. There are 11 teams that still have a slim shot at the playoffs. Which team do you think will make it?
    3. Big shakeup in the college football playoff this week. Who do you think is in/out?
    4. Dave and Skradie break down the Thanksgiving day games
    5. Browns just need these 46 things to happen to make the playoffs......It could happen.
    6. The Badgers can get in the Playoffs if they win out.....Right??????
    7. Skradie is going to his first Badger game this season.
    8. Dave and Skradie think the C+ ranking for the Packers halfway through the season is right on what do you think?
    9. Dave and Rick talking Bucks basketball
    10. Dave and Shaw fill the massive, bloated shoes that Skradie leaves behind and talk College Football Playoffs, and where the Badgers fit into the mix.
    11. Dave is out so Skradie and Keith Carr predict the weekend
    12. Baseball end of season award predictionsw
    13. The Greek Freak is one of the most improved players in the NBA.....but not the MOST improved.
    14. We have the Badgers as the best team in Wisconsin, how about you?
    15. There are some shocks the first half of the NFL season
    16. Who is the most surprising NFL division leader?
    17. ESPN just keeps on falling apart.
    18. Dave and Skradie have the Dodgers winning it all, who do you have?
    19. Does Cleveland really suck......or just the coaching?
    20. Dave and Skradie discuss the NCAA top 25 and who is NOT in it!