Westby sits 4th in Division 3, while Bangor is 6th in Division 5

    Tuesday, 24 January 2017 03:38

    Aquinas (13-0) ranked No. 1 in latest girls basketball poll

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    Melrose-Mindoro ranked fifth in Division 4

    What kind of help does GB need to get to the Super Bowl?

    Rodgers: "Felt like we kind of hurt ourselves
    in the first half more than they really stopped us."

    La Crosse native gives Badgers lead for good in OT


    The soon-to-be 32 year old is due $18 million against cap next season

    Also, notes on Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson and the Matthews vs. Matthews matchup

    Davante Adams missed Thursday's practice with sore ankle.

    Fans waited outside for an hour to get tickets

    One of Jackson's sons went to SMU in Winona, which does not have a FB team