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    If you haven't seen the Aaron Rodgers-Shooter McGavin Twitter war over Happy Gilmore, you're welcome Featured

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    For two days the world's greatest QB argued with the world's greatest golfer

    It all started when word got out Aaron Rodgers was going to cut back on playing golf in the offseason.

    Shooter McGavin, the world's greatest (ficticious) golfer, was disappointed upon hearing that.

    And then sh*t got real, as they say. Well, as real as a Twitter war between the NFL's best quarterback and, arguably, the greatest cinematic character of all time, from the 1996 movie Happy Gilmore. Whatever it is, it's gold!

     Rodgers would have none of it.

     McGavin is unfazed. 

     McGavin does have a point.

    Oh, they're not done yet. Rodgers fires back.

     Classic McGavin excuses his excuses.


    If Rodgers wasn't winning this battle before, he certainly took the lead here, bringing up Shooter's plot to get it on with Happy's grandma.

    So, who do you think won?

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