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    WATCH: Fake bearded Greg Maddux pranks Cubs Kris Bryant with his curveball Featured

    Written by Associated Press

    Hall of Famer pretended to be boom mic guy, kept giving batting advice

    LAS VEGAS -- Greg Maddux fooled plenty of hitters during his career but maybe never in a disguise.

    In a video posted Thursday , the Hall of Fame pitcher donned a fake beard and posed as a sound guy throwing his trademark curveball during a round of batting practice with unsuspecting Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant.

    The prank's premise: Maddux patiently held a boom mic and offered occasional swing critiques during a video shoot while Bryant took cuts against another pitcher who left, allowing Maddux to step in. 

    "This sound guy's got a good curveball what is this?" asked Bryant, laughing. 

    The reveal came when the pitcher asked Bryant to sign the bat "to Greg Maddux."

    Last year Bryant pranked a community college team by convincing them he was a transfer.

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