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    I grew up in Westby. Have always loved sports and especially football. I have had a passion and have been covering local sports for the last 20+ years. I have 3 children who all go to the Aquinas school system and are all 3 sport athletes.
    The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Will Oakland ever get another franchise?
    • Las Vegas Raiders
      Well it's official.  The Raiders in Oakland are history.  Well......they will be anyway.  I remember 2 times in my life when a team I followed closely left town.  One was the Minnesota Northstars, I LOVED the Stars growing up I never played hockey, but I loved to watch hockey and whenever I could catch a stars game I would watch it.  That is of course until they bailed on Minnesota, I eventually quit watching hockey at all, until I was living in Ohio and the Blue Jackets were created.  And I also liked the Cleveland Browns a LOT back in the day, when that crook Art Modell took them to Baltimore, I have maybe watched 1 Browns game since. Even though they go their name back, the real Browns are in Baltimore.  In Cleveland at least they got to keep the team name, what do you think will Oakland get another franchise?  Vote on our poll. 
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    • Final Four
      What a crazy finish to the Badger game, and the Badger season on Friday night.  It was a heck of a run though knocking off a number 1 seed along the way. WIth the Final Four set there are still two number 1 seeds left in the tournament.  Who do you think will win it?  
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    • Running with the Packers
      Yesterday morning we were talking about the Packers signing running backs, and the name Joe Mixon came up.  I am completely set against it because I think the guy is a monster.  What do you think, does he deserve a second shot?
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    • Packers make another free agency move
      Yesterday the Packers made another free agent signing getting back Christine Michael, for the poll question we ask how excited you are about that signing?
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    • Whats the deal with Colin Kaepernick
      There is a new story about Colin Kaepernick donating money to meals on wheels just shortly after they talked about funding of the program going away.  I think that is a good thing, but I also think that what Kaepernick does is purely for media hype.  He is of course famous for wearing his pig socks and kneeling during the national anthem instead of honoring America.  We will be talking about Colin Kaepernick on the show this morning and the thing with him is, that it isn't JUST a sports story anymore.  While I am completely against him kneeling disrespecting the flag, I also have to give him kudos, he is a football player who believes in something and used his fame and sports platform to be heard about that topic.  If you think about it Colin Kaepernick went from being an alright quarterback, to the president of this country talking about him.  I would say his cause has been noticed.  As far as the picture in a whole I could see Kaepernick running or some sort of office one day, but do you want him to be the qb of your team?  That is the poll question today.  What's your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and why he isn't getting any offers? 
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