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    I grew up in Westby. Have always loved sports and especially football. I have had a passion and have been covering local sports for the last 20+ years. I have 3 children who all go to the Aquinas school system and are all 3 sport athletes.
    Which NFC Playoff team from 2016 is least likely to make the playoffs in 2017?
    • Baseball and the NFL offseason
      We are at that part of the year with all the winter sports wrapping up leaving the stage for baseball until the fall.  Looking ahead,every NFL season is different and the playoff field switches up.  Which team from last year do you think will be left out this season?  I'm taking the Lions!  
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    • Flag Football
      We heard about the 3 on 3 league coming this summer.  Now Mike Vick is talking flag football.   What do you think?  If former NFL stars had a flag football league would you watch?  I know I would.  
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    • Balls
      We know the lottery draft order now.  If you had a top 5 pick would you use it on Lonzo?  
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    • Should have taken Watt
      Packer draft pick Vince Biegel just had foot surgery.  Does this worry you?  
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    • Sherman couldn't coach the Packers......can't coach HS either apparently
      Mike Sherman used to coach the Packers, we all know what happened there.  It was a failure.  So now he is coaching high school football........that isn't going any better, as a matter of fact it might be worse.  What do you think does he deserve another shot?  
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    dapperdavec Grand theft taco: Dixon robbed at Taco Bell www.espn.com/racing/story/_/id/19436735 #poeticjustice @skradiewkty @lvacehi @robmiech @ricksolem
    09:00PM May 22
    SkradieWKTY LOL I think it was Trippin.......but it coukd have been Crippin too
    02:03PM May 22
    SkradieWKTY Giving these babies away around 9 this morning! fb.me/1eAZJoL3b
    12:37PM May 22
    SkradieWKTY fb.me/6BqjSxFJ1
    10:33AM May 22
    dapperdavec Protesting Notre Dame students walk out of Pence’s commencement speech #Wow @SkradieWKTY a.msn.com/r/2/BBBm0mL pic.twitter.com/QLTSkeg49x
    09:19AM May 22