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    I grew up in Westby. Have always loved sports and especially football. I have had a passion and have been covering local sports for the last 20+ years. I have 3 children who all go to the Aquinas school system and are all 3 sport athletes.
    Who had the most surprising win this weekend in the NFL?
    dapperdavec Why The Founding Fathers Protected The Right To Protest www.newsy.com/stories/why-the-founding-fathers-protected-the-right-to-protest-1/ @newsyvideos @sharinglhs @stevesanchez @1410wizm @720dkwn
    05:39PM Sep 25
    SkradieWKTY Hey Rob Harper am I ok with my bedroom door not having a lock on it? Or are you going to try to look at me when I am sleeping this weekend?
    01:39PM Sep 25
    SkradieWKTY Be there or be square!!!!!!!!!! fb.me/8C6R4TWBO
    01:01PM Sep 25
    SkradieWKTY TGIM- It's Oktoberfest week!
    09:05AM Sep 25
    SkradieWKTY That offensive lineman moved before the snap too, play should have been called dead.
    11:41PM Sep 24