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    He's coming home

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    This is happening tomorrow night.


    Oh, Kevin Love is also coming back to Minnesota, as well.

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    Love-Wiggins, Cleveland-Minnesota

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    KYNDELL HARKNESS • Star Tibune

    Two players still on the rise
    on teams still headed in opposite directions

    MINNEAPOLIS – There was much anticipation for Kevin Love’s return to the Target Center on Saturday night.

    The Minnesota Timberwolves played in front of a sellout crowd for the first time this season with the Cleveland Cavaliers in town.

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    Obstructed View podcast - THE PLAY

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    In this episode (click here), Rick Solem, Jon Weisbrod (SouthernMinn.com) and Cory Jennerjohn (AllGBP.com) discuss THE PLAY at the Super Bowl.


    We also talk if Tom Brady is the best ever or more of a product of Bill Belichick.

    We wrap up rehashing Kevin Love's return to the Target Center last Saturday, along with the state of the Timberwolves and Cavs.

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    Obstructed View podcast - The Greek Freak

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    Here's Round 3 of the Obstructed View podcast (click here).

    We're talking Giannis Antetokounmpo taking the next step for the Milwaukee Bucks. A new stadium in Milwaukee.

    We also hit on Mike McCarthy relinquishing play-call duties for the Green Bay Packers, and whether that's a good thing for 2014's No. 1-scoring offense.

    And, lastly, the state of the B1G Conference and where the Badgers fit in come March Madness.

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    Carmelo Anthony is ruining the NBA

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    Knick will play in all-star game,
    then sit out rest of season

    Column: RICK SOLEM

    Carmelo Anthony is the epitome of what’s wrong with the NBA.

    Today’s news should be the tipping point for NBA and New York Knicks fans, alike.

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    How good is Koenig - Obstructed View podcast

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    Episode 4 of the Obstructed View podcast (click here).

    I pose the semi-ridiculous question on just how good Bronson Koenig is compared to the rest of the point guards in the NCAA.

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    Koenig is on fire

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    Wisconsin's Bronson Koenig (24) high-fives Sam Dekker after hitting a 3-pointer during against Illinois. | Andy Manis, AP

     La Crosse native coming into his own 

    Column by RICK SOLEM 

    MADISON, Wis.  Bronson Koenig is in the zone.

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    Bucks rob the NBA trade deadline

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    The Milwaukee Bucks just stole the NBA trade deadline.

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    Bucks trade: Maybe I was wrong?

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    So, my column yesterday, was pro-Milwaukee Bucks trade.

    I think Jason Kidd can mold Michael Carter-Williams.

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    Garnett and the Timberwolves saga

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    Veteran to make Minnesota debut Wednesday


    It's hard to fight the hate in all the things that led up to Kevin Garnett reuniting with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    If you look no further than the draft-day deal that landed the 38-year-old back in Minnesota, it's not such a bad thing - albeit a bit selfish for both the team and the player.


    Packers vs Ravens
    12pm - 3pm
    UWL men at Viterbo
    6:45pm - 9pm
    Bucks at Suns
    8pm - 10:30pm
    Bucks at Jazz
    8pm - 10:30pm