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    Minnesota: Just say no ... to Irving Featured

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    Who demands a trade from a team featuring LeBron James?

    This is my third installment of #RickPoopsOn ... 

    The NBA is comical. For so many reasons.

    One of which is the season never ends. It's a brilliant thing, actually. Nothing happens in July so why not make everything NBA?

    Oh, baseball happens? Sure. Those 30 games of 162 really matter.

    OK, for the Brewers, maybe they did matter, since it took all of one week after the all-star break to squander a 5.5 game lead in the NL Central.

    But, in regards to that, all I kept saying the entire time was: "It's May." ... "It's June." ... "It's July."

    And, in a few days, it'll be August, and we'll be in full fledged NFL training camp mode, while baseball disappears into the sunset, only to be heard of in October whispers.

    While the World Series begins Oct. 22, the NFL will be in Week 8 and the NBA will be two days into its season. And, like I say every year, the MLB should end the final week of the NFL’s preseason.

    And, yes, the NBA season is too long, too, but this is still the most exciting time.

    There, I've managed to poop on baseball, the world series, the NBA and, now here I go on Kyrie Irving.

    This write up should be a last gasp on the NBA for a few months anyway — or until LeBron James demands a trade to the Golden State Warriors.

    Irving wants out of Cleveland. What? OK, on its own that makes sense, because who wants to live in Cleveland.

    But only Irving would demand a trade after three consecutive NBA Finals, including being the "hero" in winning the title two seasons ago.

    One of the teams he said he's willing to be traded to — like he has a choice; well, maybe he does — is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    No thanks.

    The Timberwolves need no part of a point guard who only cares about himself. A point guard who is one of the worst defenders in the league. A point guard who doesn't pass until he needs to be bailed out. A point guard who certainly doesn't pass at the end of games. And, most importantly, a point guard who demands a trade from a team featuring LeBron James.

    The last one I can’t emphasize enough. It's the last piece of toilet paper that comes out clean and allows you to flush. Kyrie go down the hole.

    Tiny Toons Interlude:

    Water go down the hole!! by tiffybugums

    Please, Minnesota, trade everything for this hero (ball) point guard and leader of men. #Sarcasm.

    I'm not sure what it would take to get Irving, but if I were with the Timberwolves, off limits would be my Big 4 — Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague, Andrew Wiggins.

    In most people's eyes, Butler and Towns are untouchable, anyway. Teague can't be traded for a few months, per NBA rules in signing players.

    Wiggins would be ironic, considering the Cavs traded him for Kevin Love, but he makes the most sense.

    Like Irving, Wiggins is a bit of a hype. One that's a lot harder to defend as anything but a hype considering the resume.

    Wiggins is a 6-foot-8 athletic freak but, also, doesn't play defense, doesn't rebound, doesn't pass and isn't a great shooter. In other words, he's not really very good at basketball. Yet.

    He's 22. Entering his fourth season and has yet to have a single thing to play for. Kind of like Irving before LeBron. Kind of like Wiggins before Butler.

    It's a silly notion to think Minnesota wouldn't trade Wiggins for the mighty Irving, but I think Wiggins has more potential, is healthier and fits in with the Timberwolves’ plans. Plus, Wiggins didn't ask to be traded from a team with LeBron James. I can't stress that enough.

    It would be one thing if LBJ was Russell Westbrook (or Kyrie Irving). I'd Kevin Durant right the F out of that situation. Yes, Kevin Durant is a verb now.

    Part of what makes James so amazing is his ability to see the floor, make the smart pass and trust his teammates. Who wouldn’t want to play with that? Of course, Irving.

    Can the Timberwolves trade Wiggins for James? He's gone after this season anyway.

    But, back to Minnesota acquiring Irving. Or why it shouldn't.

    If he's traded for Wiggins, that leaves a huge gap in the Wolves starting lineup. Not so much offensively, because Irving is possibly the best offensive player with the basketball. It's getting it away from him that's the problem.

    Defensively, a Teague-Irving-Butler lineup doesn't quite work.

    Wiggins fits nicely because, if Teague comes off the court, Butler can play point guard, while Wiggins defends the point — and Butler takes on whoever is at SG or SF.

    OK, I'm rambling about the inner workings of second lineups on the 2017-18 Timberwolves. It's time to go to bed.

    Minnesota: Just say no (to Irving). 

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